Barrel Recovery Fieldwork Complete

We have completed the 2012 Barrel Recovery Fieldwork. We are happy to relay that the work was both productive and safe. We greatly appreciate the public’s respect of the safety zone during operations.  We also appreciate your patience thus far.  No official results will be available at this time. There is a process we are going through to determine exactly what we found and another process to assess the risks, if any, that are associated with what we found. It’s not our policy to speculate on what the analytical data may tell us before the facts are in. We are still a few weeks away from seeing our first lab data. We are all anxious to see the results, but we have to let the process take its course. Thanks to all for your support!


One comment on “Barrel Recovery Fieldwork Complete

  1. Renee says:

    Many. many thanks to the Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa for taking on this project to save the Great Lake. Wish I could say more for the folks that dumped it there.

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