Investigation Report Update

As of August 2015, we received additional funding ($256,465) from the Department of Defense, that will let us continue working on the Investigation Report. We will have this complete document by mid-October of this year. This report will take all analytical data that we acquired during the 2012 barrel retrieval. Which then, we will continue into the Results and Summary Report (February 2016), then onto the Strategic Project Implementation Plan (June 2016).

Public Relations will continue to be a big component of this project. Communities who have a vested interest in the Barrels Project are, Fond Du Lac, Duluth, Two Harbors and Grand Portage. Our PowerPoint presentations are available to any community upon request. Presentations include, but not limited to, barrels history, partnerships, treaty rights, pictures, etc. We will also answer any questions the public may have on the project at the end of each presentation.

I can be reached at, 715-779-3650, or by email, and I will do my best to answer any other questions there might be.


Gary Defoe Jr.